Rochester City Rising


Please note that this site has been discontinued. The Official Website for RocCity Rising is now or visit us on the ROC Coaliation Facebook page.

Event: About 2014 ROC City Rising: Health & Wellness of Our Community

This year’s ROC City Rising will highlight YP initiatives surrounding the Health & Wellness of Our Community, with awards honoring Bradford Berk, M.D., Ph.D., CEO University of Rochester Medical Center Department and Senior Vice President for Health Sciences and a YP, to be determined, who is accomplished in this arena. This event kick-offs a year of community health-focused events and initiatives from the 40+ ROC City Coalition YP member organizations.

Rochester is fortunate to be home to some amazing community health organizations that work to educate our community on nutritional food choices, encourage physical activity, improve healthcare for those in need, and engage our diverse population in helping others to reach and maintain mental, spiritual and physical wellness.

ROC City Rising encourages both our emerging and established leaders to become more involved in all aspects of the Health & Wellness of Our Community. From volunteering with local non-profit organizations to remaining life-long cheerleaders themselves, there are many ways to get involved and make a difference.


Planning Committee

Amanda Altman - Co-Chair

Toni Lynn Arena

Jennifer Caton

Ashley Coon

Jessica Cutcliffe

Aileen Fornuto

Karyn Rittenhouse

Rob Speciale - Co-Chair

Maria Thomas - Co-Chair

Thanks to all our supporters and sponsors who have helped make this organization such a great success. We look forward to working with you in the coming years. In particular we'd like to than the Rochester Business Alliance and John Denny from Webtech who's played a vital role in the suiccess of the rising events. He built our original site and now handles all our IT needs. If you're under pressure and need someone to take the lead, John's the guy!

Finally, we'd like to pass on our best wishes to those serving the US overseas at this time. Rochester has suffered a number of casualties and regardless of political affiliation we stand together in the fight for freedom.